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  • Food Speech Reflection

    My senior year of high school, I was on the Academic Decathlon team. Competitions consisted of ten tests and events focused on a broad theme. One of the ten categories was Speech and Impromptu. My teammates had strict scripts, facials, and hand gestures to practice and memorize. From this background, creating a three minute speech in a week to present in front of an audience seemed quite ominous. Seeing that it was ungraded, I spent the majority of my energy writing the speech rather than practicing its delivery. When class time came, I simply read the speech from the printed sheet with minimal eye contact, gestures, and audience acknowledgement.

    Later in the semester, when it came time to redeliver the speech, I luckily got drawn from the green group. I was terrified. When we went up to a separate classroom to practice giving our speeches, I was amazed at the ease and comfort with which they spoke. When it was my turn, I needed a motivational talk from another group member. He said I speak best when Iím comfortable. He said that itís clear to the audience that Iím passionate and informed of my topic. With a practice run I quickly relaxed. I think that my relaxation really helped the audience to be more relaxed. In front of the class the speech went very smoothly and I was really surprised and proud of myself.