Related Writings
  • Welcome to my ePortfolio. Various projects throughout the Fall 2009 semester have been collected and displayed here for anyone to view. These excerpts show my growth in multiple modes of communication. Written, oral, visual, electronic, and multimodal pieces encapsulate the significance of the growing array of communication in today’s society.

  • The semester focused on the main modes of today’s society’s communication; written, oral, visual, electronic, and the strongly emerging multimodal venue. Likewise, the displayed projects are organized into four categories with the multimodal project being the ePortfolio in itself. The majority of the excerpts fall into multiple categories, but each piece was placed under the tab in which the most focus was given.

  • Anyone interested in my progress in communication is welcome to visit this site. Come one, come all. Its theme caters to those with any interest in nutrition, the food industry, or simply a large appetite.

  • The main written, oral, visual, and electronic examples are listed in the top menu. Each category holds at least one significant project alongside a reflection of the piece, the development experience, and revisions. The left side menu contains a self-assessment as well as various projects from outside classes that further exemplify my written communication.

  • Being a hopeful dietician, my love of food is pretty evident; clearly seen with this portfolio’s layout. In revisiting this semester’s projects during the making of this portfolio, I found that everything produced related to food in some format. After diving into some content, viewers should find themselves with information on various industries, new perspectives on our daily interactions with food, or hungry. Hopefully my love of food is easily seen and appreciated.