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  • ePortfolio Reflection

    If the learning of the language of html and css could be represented visually, it would resemble an exponential curve. The graph would be low, flat, and near zero for a long period of time. Then, once a certain threshold is passed, the graph quickly skyrockets and sits almost vertically. In learning html and css, a threshold of oblivion had to be accomplished before any true advancement could be made. But once the basics were learned, I was able to interpret the codes and create my own codes.

    The production was very stressful. Often the simplest mistake in code would have catastrophic results on the webpage. It took multiple pairs of eyes to catch a tiny mis-typing or not closing a div to fix these problems.

    The first stage of the project was collecting ideas from other websites and figuring out what I wanted to do. The second was organizing the desired design and figuring out how I could turn this into codes via various divís and unordered lists. Once a general layout was created, adding the content took heaps of time. Putting the content into links was very tedious because I chose to create a new page for each link so that the overall layout would be consistent for each hyperlink. Finally, finishing touches to the web design were added until I was happy with the final appearance and layout of the page.