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  • Written Analysis

    In the Place Analysis, I chose to utilize my laid-back, descriptive writing style. My attempt at humor was in hopes of making the reader more comfortable and for the reader to recognize that this was a casual piece. The essay takes an everyday experience and invites the audience into new perspectives. The topic is very relatable and the reader can picture themselves observing the described events. The majority of the text is filled with descriptions of easily recognizable happenings at any University dining center. The final third of paper takes a more philosophical turn. This change in direction pushes a more uncomfortable tone on the audience because they can still relate to the situation. Ethos is utilized in the descriptions. It shows the reader that Iíve observed the recorded behaviors and taken time to think about them. Pathos is expressed through humor and the uncomfortable closeness of the descriptions.

    In the Film Analysis, logos was used more than anything else. I needed to explain to the reader not only the variety of ways music is used in film scores but also applying it to how music was used in The Future of Food. Seeing that rhetorical analyses arenít supposed to be persuasive, little pathos was used in the writing. Ethos was used to establish that I had some knowledge of music scores and how they are used to persuade viewers. Correct grammar is also an important factor of ethos.