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  • Self Analysis

    In written work, this semester Iíve grown in terms of organization and paragraph structure. As elementary as those traits are, I improved on the development of text and transitions to make the reading flow more easily. I also found that my habit to write really descriptively is a strength. I intend to keep using the strong descriptive verbs as well as take time in writing descriptions and forming a foundation for readers to feed off of.

    The area that I grew the most in this semester was in oral communication. I learned that giving speeches isnít comparable to the speech-giving qualities valued in Academic Decathlon. The ability to speak naturally and confidently is desired and admirable to audiences. I definitely became much more comfortable in front of an audience and a lot of pressure was removed when the acceptance of imperfections was realized. Dr. Payne also expressed that I interact with the audience when I speak as well as make solid eye contact with listeners. Even though I made a lot of progress this semester, one can never stop improving their public speaking skills. Being a hopeful dietician, speaking to large groups through seminars or having to talk to individuals during appointments will be a daily requirement. I plan on staying knowledgeable in the field so that I can more confidently communicate to the audience whatever the size.

    I learned a lot about Photoshop in doing the Poster project. It really reiterated the importance of organization and simplicity. Those two qualities were difficult to find a good balance of. Organization helps the viewer to not be overwhelmed by the content of the poster. Simplicity puts the viewer at ease and often attracts him or her more to the poster; it becomes more appealing. In future projects I will remember the three-color rule as well as chunking guidelines.

    Diving into the language of html and css was an overwhelming leap in my electronic communication abilities. Prior to this semester, my electronic communication consisted merely of e-mail and Facebook. Html and css provide a venue to represent myself and my passion toward food. Hopefully viewers of this site easily see this love in visiting. Maybe an opportunity in the future will arise for me to create a website displaying various healthy recipes, an informational site about Celiacís disease, or a persuasive site about corruption in the food industry. When that time comes, Iíll be able to communicate to countless audiences via web design.

    Overall, this semester has been very beneficial to all modes of communication and combinations of these modes. In todayís rapidly growing societies, taking advantages of the arising mechanisms to communicate is vital to being heard and reaching more people than imagined decades ago.