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M 1-10

Course overview

134lecture01(jan10).pdf 134lecture01(jan10)bw.pdf


W 1-12

The sociological paradox

134lecture02(jan12).pdf 134lecture02(jan12)bw.pdf


F 1-14

The sociological imagination

134lecture03(jan14).pdf 134lecture03(jan14)bw.pdf


M 1-17

W 1-19 Obedience to authority 134lecture04(jan19).pdf 134lecture04(jan19)bw.pdf


F 1-21


134lecture05(jan21).pdf 134lecture05(jan21)bw.pdf


M 1-24

Three perspectives of sociology

134lecture06(jan24).pdf 134lecture06(jan24)bw.pdf


W 1-26

The social construction of reality

134lecture07(jan26).pdf 134lecture07(jan26)bw.pdf


F 1-28

Self-fulfilling prophecies

134lecture08(jan28).pdf 134lecture08(jan28)bw.pdf


M 1-31

The nature of social research

134lecture09(jan31).pdf 134lecture09(jan31)bw.pdf


W 2-2

The sociology of monuments

134lecture10(feb02).pdf 134lecture10(feb02)bw.pdf


F 2-4

Emotions/Sex & gender

134lecture11(feb04).pdf 134lecture11(feb04)bw.pdf


M 2-7

Sex & gender/Socialization

134lecture12(feb07).pdf 134lecture12(feb07)bw.pdf


W 2-9

Introduction to socialization

134lecture13(feb09).pdf 134lecture13(feb09)bw.pdf


F 2-11

Gender socialization/Review

134lecture14(feb11).pdf 134lecture14(feb11)bw.pdf
M 2-14 EXAM #1 reviewsheet1.pdf  


W 2-16

Social construction of beauty

134lecture16(feb16).pdf 134lecture16(feb16)bw.pdf


F 2-18

Dramaturgical perspective

134lecture17(feb18).pdf 134lecture17(feb18)bw.pdf


M 2-21

Mismanaging impressions

134lecture18(feb21).pdf 134lecture18(feb21)bw.pdf


W 2-23

The social organization of sex

134lecture19(feb23).pdf 134lecture19(feb23)bw.pdf

*Part 1 due for extra credit paper projects*


F 2-25

American family

134lecture20(feb25).pdf 134lecture20(feb25)bw.pdf


M 2-28

Measuring & labeling deviance

134lecture21(feb28).pdf 134lecture21(feb28)bw.pdf


W 3-2

Measuring and labeling deviance

134lecture22(mar02).pdf 134lecture22(mar02)bw.pdf


F 3-4

Power and deviance

134lecture23(mar04).pdf 134lecture23(mar04)bw.pdf


M 3-7

Social dilemmas/bureaucracy

134lecture24(mar07).pdf 134lecture24(mar07)bw.pdf


W 3-9

McDonaldization of society

134lecture25(mar09).pdf 134lecture25(mar09)bw.pdf
F 3-11 Religious conversions 134lecture26(mar11).pdf 134lecture26(mar11)bw.pdf
*** Spring Break (March 14-18) ***


M 3-21

Intro to stratification

134lecture27(mar21).pdf 134lecture27(mar21)bw.pdf


W 3-23

Explanations of stratification

134lecture28(mar23).pdf 134lecture28(mar23)bw.pdf


F 3-25

Stratification/Review for exam

134lecture29(mar25).pdf 134lecture29(mar25)bw.pdf


M 3-28




W 3-30


134lecture31(mar30).pdf 134lecture31(mar30)bw.pdf


F 4-1


134lecture32(apr01).pdf 134lecture32(apr01)bw.pdf


M 4-4

Social construction of race

134lecture33(apr04).pdf 134lecture33(apr04)bw.pdf


W 4-6

White privilege

134lecture34(apr06).pdf 134lecture34(apr06)bw.pdf


F 4-8

Prejudice and discrimination

134lecture35(apr08).pdf 134lecture35(apr08)bw.pdf


M 4-11

Gender in everyday interactions

134lecture36(apr11).pdf 134lecture36(apr11)bw.pdf


W 4-13

Campus riots

134lecture37(apr13).pdf 134lecture37(apr134)bw.pdf


F 4-15

The second shift

  *Part 2 due for extra credit paper projects*


M 4-18

Gender income gap

134lecture39(apr18).pdf 134lecture39(apr18)bw.pdf


W 4-20

Gender income gap/demography

134lecture40(apr20).pdf 134lecture40(apr20)bw.pdf


F 4-22


134lecture41(apr22).pdf 134lecture41(apr22)bw.pdf


M 4-25

Demography/Social movements

134lecture42(apr25).pdf 134lecture42(apr25)bw.pdf


W 4-27

Social movements

134lecture43(apr27).pdf 134lecture43(apr27)bw.pdf


F 4-29

Review of final exam






These files contain the PowerPoint slides from my lectures. I have provided them as an aid to students who have attended the lectures and to those who miss a lecture for legimate reasons (e.g., illness). They should not be used as a substitute for attending lecture.

These slides do not contain everything I say in lecture, only the outline from which I work.

If you miss class, these slides should be used in conjunction with notes from a classmate. You can also go over them with a Sociology Central TA.