What I Do to Earn a Buck

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How I Earn a Buck

Something on The Side

What I'd Rather Be Doing

A friend once asked me to ponder the following, "Everyone has to prostitute themselves one way or the other, the question then becomes, how can one minimize the amount of prostitution on their part and still afford to live?"

Call it luck, call it fate, call it, "In demand"... you can call it just about anything except planned.  I began to wander down the road of computer technology more or less by accident way before Bill G. gave us Plug-n-Play.  I used to twist metal for a living (I was a machinist) and worked for the engineers - eventually I decided if I couldn't beat them, I'd join them.  I left metal twisting behind and pursued an undergraduate degree at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.  Perhaps it was one of those cases where someone was watching out for me or maybe it was just dumb luck, but regardless, as a student I found employment in computer labs on campus as a lab monitor. 

As I learned more about computers, I discovered an outlet for my artistic and creative needs that at one time had been satisfied working as a machinist.  Throughout my student career I worked in computer labs in one capacity or another.  During my last year, I supervised the p.c. lab in the Industrial Education and Technology department in addition to installing and maintaining a network at the Research Park.  This work experience enabled me to get a job at the Administrative Data Processing Center as a programmer/analyst.  Two years of intensive NetWare network installations and maintenance gave me the experience and confidence to leave the University and to form my own software development company.  However, I needed a financial security blanket and was able to secure an on-going consulting job with the Statistical Laboratory.  Like all good consultants after years of being on their own, I finally agreed to take a reduction in hourly pay in exchange for a permanent position.  Today I am the Stat Lab's IS department.