Attended NSF Synthesis Coalition workshop at Southern University, April 1994.
Multidisciplinary Synthesis Option Coordinator for NSF Coalition.
Metaproject leader for NSF Coalition.
Attended Assessment Conference sponsored by NSF for NSF Coalition, October 1993.
Attended NSF workshop at Berkeley, October 1993.
Collaborator on two NSF curriculum projects, Spatial Visualization and Integrated Design Experience.
Attended Engineering Design Workshop, ASEE Annual Meeting, New Orleans, June 1991.
Attended Annual Mid-Year Meeting of the Engineering Design Graphics Division of ASEE, Norfolk, Virginia, November 1991.
Attended NSF Coalition Curriculum Chairs meetings at Stanford, Palo Alto, California, May 1990; Chicago, Illinois, October 1990; and Chicago, Illinois, October 1991, to plan Coalition Curriculum activities.
Coordinator and author of Engineering Fundamentals and Multidisciplinary Design Strategic Plan, August 1990.
Member of a Freshman Engineering team that prepared a NSF proposal entitled "A Freshman Design Initiative: An Initial Step in the Revitalization of Engineering Design." October 1990.
Visited Boeing Co. and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center to discuss modern design methods, Huntsville, Alabama, November 1989.
Faculty monitor for senior EE/CprE capstone design team working on robotics project, 1989-90.
Participated in NSF sponsored workshop on "Creative and Structured Design Methods," Lincoln, Nebraska, June 24-25, 1989.
Visited the University of Michigan's workstation computing facility in the College of Engi neering to gather information on the management of an educational workstation network, 1988.
Attended Third International Conference on Engineering Graphics and Descriptive Geometry, Vienna, Austria, July 1988 (paper presented).
Attended Mechanical Engineering experimental course (1987) to enhance problem solving skills by the application of numerical methods and computer graphics to mechanical systems.
Member of the USA Coordinating Committee for the Third International Conference on Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics held in Vienna, Austria, July 1988.
Member of an ad hoc committee investigating the feasibility of an interdisciplinary capstone design effort in the College of Engineering (1987-89).
Coordinator of the workstation subgroup within the Engineering Computing and Informa tion Laboratory (ECIL). Responsible for the College of Engineering activity in configuring a network of workstations for the College of Engineering/University (1987-present).
Developed a sophomore-level course beginning in the spring semester of 1987. The course introduced modeling and analysis of geometry for engineering design purposes. Computer-aided-design techniques and computer graphics are used extensively. The course is the first of its kind aimed at introducing modern techniques for the design of two and three dimensional geometries to the engineering student just beginning the study of design.
Attended North Midwest Section Annual Meeting of ASEE in 1983 (paper presented), 1987 (paper presented).
Attended Midyear Meeting of the Engineering Design Graphics Division (EDGD) of ASEE in 1983 (paper presented), 1984 (paper presented), 1985 (paper presented), 1986, 1987 (paper presented), 1989.
Attended American Association for Engineering Education (ASEE) Annual Meeting in 1984, 1985 (paper presented), 1986 (paper presented), 1987, 1988 (paper presented), 1989, 1990, 1991 (paper presented).

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