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Robert Rauch, Uniform Distribution and Pseudo-Random Walks
Final Presentation in Math 490 Independent Study course
August 2014

Christian Manahl (Ames High), Distribution of primes in quadratic number fields
Midwest Undergraduate Math Symposium 2013, Indianola, IA

In extensions to the rational integers, such as Z[sqrt(2)] or Z[i], there are similarly prime numbers that are only divisible by themselves and one down to units. The question, in this case, is whether or not the primes in Z[sqrt(2)] are uniformly distributed.


Math 151: Calculus for Business and Social Sciences

Math 265: Calculus III

Past Courses

Some of the links in these pages may not work anymore. Please email me if you have a question concerning some particular item. But please note that I do not give out model solutions or programming code except to students registered in a particular class of mine.

Math 141/142 Trigonometry (and analytic geometry)

Math 165: Calculus I

Math 166: Calculus II

Math 166H: Honors Calculus II

Math 181: Calculus For the Life Sciences I (needs some updating)

Math 195: Math for Elementary Education

Math 201: Intro to Proofs

Math 265: Calculus III

Math 267: Differential Equations, Laplace Transform

Math 297: Intermediate Topics in Elementary Mathematics

Math 301: Algebra I

Math 307: Matrices and Linear Algebra

Math 314: Graphs and Networks

Math 317: Theory of Linear Algebra

Math 350: Elementary Number Theory

Course notes for Analytic Number Theory

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My Favorite Quote:"Should array indices start at 0 or 1? My compromise of 0.5 was rejected without, I thought, proper consideration." - Stan Kelly-Bootle

Pros and cons of metric vs imperial system.

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