Math 265: Calculus III


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Here is a writeup of the extended example about 15.8 which I did in class on Friday 11/4. Perhaps you like this better than the book's way of explaining it, but read at least one of these before you try the optional 15.8 homework!

Remember we are meeting in CARVER 250 on Tuesday 11/8! do not go to the usual classroom. A page with activities / examples of SAGE software is now here!

Solutions for Quiz 1 are now posted here. All future model solutions will also appear on this page.

There will be exams on Sep 20, Oct 18, and Nov 15, all on Tuesdays. The day prior to an exam, we will review material. Every Friday, we'll have a 10-minute quiz at the beginning of class, (but not in weeks with an exam and not in Dead Week). First Quiz on August 26. Your lowest 2 quiz scores and lowest 2 homework scores will be dropped. These exams and the quizzes will be in the usual classroom, during class time - NOT night exams. In addition to the online homework, there will be some team-based homework problems using software.

The Math Department is setting a weekly puzzle question. Each Monday, the question is posted outside the Math Main Office, Carver 396. No cash prizes, just a certificate for the first correct solution each week. But the problems are nice and I encourage you to have a go at them. Complete Contest rules are also posted outside Carver 396.


We meet four times a week (MTRF). Classes are 9 - 9.50 in 0002 Carver (basement).

Experience shows that attending lectures really works better than just reading books. If you did not attend a lecture for whatever reason, it is your responsibility to find out and learn whatever was covered in that lecture (do you know anybody who took notes?).

The first class is Monday, Aug 22, and the last class is Friday, Dec 9. There are no classes on Labor Day (Sep 5) and during Thanksgiving Break (Nov 28 - Dec 2). In the week Dec 12-16, there will be the Final exam. You can check the ISU Registrar's website (Students/Exam schedules). But note that our Final will be published under Combined group exams, not in the exam schedule by contact. They usually post the exact date and time about halfway through the semester.



Thomas' Calculus - Early Transcendentals

Pearson, Twelfth Edition.
The textbook is supported by MyMathLab (more info here). PLEASE read this carefully! Log in to MyMathLab using the link inside your Blackboard Math 265 course (not via the standalone MML website, because it does not connect to your Blackboard course). You have to have an Access Code which comes with a new textbook. If you have a used book, you need to either trade that in/resell, or acquire an access kit separately.

I will give out 5 homework points for the first report of any mathematical error in a section that we currently study. Please send reports via email. Don't forget to put Math 265 at the beginning of the subject line, followed by your section letter. I will also do this for mathematical errors in MLP, but to tell me about those, please use the 'Ask My Instructor' feature, NOT regular email.

Additional resources

Blackboard is set up, but nothing's in there - we don't need it until the first exam.

Supplemental instruction is one of the programs run by the Academic Success Center. You will receive an e-mail about SI this week with more details, asking you to complete the SI scheduling survey. Please reply to this survey, to help them determine the best days and times for SI sessions. The SI schedule will be posted around the end of week 1. The SI schedule lists a large Math 265 lecture class, but this just means the SI leader will attend that class. You can go to any Math 265 SI session you like.

Office Hours are the times when you can drop into my office to see me in person. Apart from these regular hours, you can also make appointments via email. In that case, please check my schedule and suggest a time.

A syllabus (=rough timeline, required sections of the book) and objectives for this course may be found on the departmental calculus page. This lists the material and the skills you will learn in this course with an approximate timescale and is the basis for the departmental common exams. There are also some old Finals, we will look at these towards the end of the semester. The Final is comprehensive. The old Finals are good for timing yourself, but not a good way to learn the material! So if you are not sure about any topic, go back to the relevant section of the textbook and do some problems there.

Here is a syllabus in the sense of condensing the info on this webpage. I will bring copies to class.

Instructor's home page

Dr C Roettger


Grade of C- or better in 166 or 166H.


Your course grade will be determined from (percentages subject to adjustment):
[15%] Homework
[15%] Exam 1 (week 5)
[15%] Exam 2 (week 9)
[15%] Exam 3 (week 13)
[15%] Friday Quizzes
[25%] Final Exam

Final grades are based on the overall weighted score s. In detail:

s = h*15/100 + (e1+e2+e3)*15/100 + q*15/100 + f*25/100

where s is that score, h, e1, e2, e3, q and f your percentages (not scores!) on homework, exams, quizzes, and the final exam. I will give 5 homework points for every report of a mathematical error in the textbook, an exam, or in anything that I post on the web. There may also be a few points extra credit on exams. I will drop your lowest two homework scores and your lowest two quiz scores. There will not be any assignments for extra credit.


We follow departmental and University-wide policies. These cover makeup exams (only for jury or military duty, documented family/medical emergencies, or representing ISU at ISU-sponsored events), Dead Week, academic dishonesty, and much more. This is all documented in a website maintained by the Math Department here. For more details, see Academics and Academic Conduct in the Iowa State University Catalog.

Disabilities Statement

If you believe that you have a disability that qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and requires accommodations, you should contact the Disability Resources (DR) office for information on appropriate policies and procedures. DR is located on the main floor of the Student Services Building, Room 1076; their phone is 515-294-6624. The next step is to see me. I am happy to assist with accommodations, but I will not provide them retroactively (so get it done before the first exam!).

This webpage is

Comments to roettger AT In every email to me, please put the letters Math 265 at the beginning of your subject line, followed by your section letter. Then add some meaningful subject like 'meeting' or 'grade' or 'homework'.