Preprints in Preparation
  • W. Zhou, S.B. Vardeman, M.D. Morris, and H. Wu (2013)
    Active set selection based classification.
  • W. Zhou, S.B. Vardeman, and H. Wu (2013)
    A decision-theoretical optimal clustering method based on self-organizing maps.
  • S. X. Chen and W. Zhou (2013)
    Test of high dimensional covaraince matrices based on random determinants.
  • W. Zhou, L. Wang, J. Schnable, P. Liu, and T.P. Brutnell (2013)
    Modeling RNASeq data with circadian patterns using empirical Bayes and semiparametric regression.

Manuscripts submitted
  • W. Zhou, S.B. Vardeman, and H. Wu (2013)
    A geometric adaptive Metropolis-Hastings algorithm with Gaussian calibration.
  • W. Zhou, Y. Tian, Y. Koh, K.N. Gibson-Corley, and D.E. Jones (2013).
    A Bayesian analysis of the dynamics during co-infection by Leshimania major and Leshimania amazonensis based on differential equation models.
    Resubmitted after major revision.
  • Y. Hao, W. Zhou, and Z. Wu (2013).
    Computation of Nash equilibria of evolutionary games.
  • O. Aydogmus and W. Zhou (2013).
    Modeling ecolutionary spatial game using integro-differential replicator equations: traveling waves and spreading speeds.
  • Y. Huang, Y. Hao, W. Zhou, and Z. Wu (2013).
    Optimality and stability conditions for equilibrium states of evolutionary games with symmetric fitness matrices.
  • L. Wang, A. Czedik-Eysenberg, R.A. Mertz, Y. Si, T. Tohge, A. Nunes-Nesi, L.K. Dedow, D. Bryant, W. Zhou, ..., P. Liu, and T.P. Brutnell (2013).
    Exploring the mechanism of C4 photosynthetic differentiation through a unified comparative analysis of maize and rice leaf transcriptomes.

  • L. Yao W. Zhou, T. Wang, M. Liu, and C. Yu (2014).
    Quantification of egg yolk contamination in egg white using UV/Vis spectroscopy: Prediction model development and analysis. (website, pdf)
    Food Control, 43, 88-97.
  • W. Chen W. Zhou, T. Xia, and X. Gu (2012).
    A computational analysis framework for molecular cell dynamcis: case-study of exocytosis. (website, pdf)
    PLos ONE, 7(7), e38699.
  • B. Su, W. Zhou, K. Dorman, and D.E. Jones (2009).
    Mathematical modeling of immune responses in tissues. (website, pdf)
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    Modeling protein interaction network and mechanisms in exocytosis. (website, pdf)
    Proceedings of 7th IEEE Conference on Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, 2, 665-672.