Ross Relatable Links!


My favorite link of all time has to be Link of the Legend of Zelda video game series, but somehow I doubt this is what you’re interested in.  In reference to the internet, I have a lot of links I enjoy! If you’re ever able to frequent the history of my web browser there are certain websites you will almost always find. 


The following is the homepage of my favorite sports team:


This website is where I find most of my brothers’ birthday gifts:


If you’re ever in the mood for political editorials, please visit:


I am able to speak with my inner child when I visit this video game centric website:


Another personal favorite, that allows me to instantly watch a variety of television shows and movies is:


There are a lot of other websites I frequent on a regular basis, like Amazon, Iowa State’s collection of pages, and my fiancé’s social networking sites.  The internet truly is the information super-highway.