I have a plethora of interests, a myriad of interesting interests and I hope youíre interested in reading about each and every one.

Space:There is a lot we donít know about outer space.Not knowing a lot means there is a lot of space for speculation.I spend a lot of time day-dreaming about being chosen for a special crew that has to terraform Mars or slip through a black hole to open up communication with God.The fodder for these dreams comes from an obsession with Star Trek and copious science fiction novels, which include:Old Manís War, Enderís Game and Dune.I also very much so enjoy any book about dystopian futures (space or no space).


God:If someone came up to me with undeniable proof of the existence of a Lord or an afterlife, I would TOTALLY check it out. Greatest mystery of all?Yes.


Family:Itís not that I take my current family for granted or find them boring or anything like that, but it would be really grand to start one of my own soon.I have the most fantastically wonderful, adorably charming, extraordinarily gorgeous, funny and smart fiancť and I will do anything to keep her happy.We have a tentative 5, 10, and 80 year plan together.

Competition:Everything is more enjoyable with competition.Growing up I spent a lot of time playing sports in fields and mastering quests in videogames. I value competitiveness as being one of my best traits.From the Bears-Packers rivalry to experiments in the lab, winning is always a priority.Thatís why I attend ISU, because I believe furthering my education at this institution will make me more marketable and happy.Itís only winning if youíre happy with the result.


Running:This interest is an extension of the last category.I have loved running since Mr. Headche made us run the school mile in 4th grade.Since then Iíve been competing in 100 meter sprints, marathons and everything in between.


Thereís no real way to list all of my interests and the ones listed werenít in any particular order.I also love sushi, camping and dogs.This page is just a little insightful.