Kimball Hill Elementary

Kindergarten: Mrs. Juza

1st grade: Mrs. Gentry

2nd grade: Ms. Nordman (Now shes Mrs. Ryg!)

3rd grade: Ms. Weller

4th grade: Ms. Butterfass

5th grade: Mrs. Source

6th grade: Mr. Klimas


Carl Sandburg Junior High

I had lots of teachers in junior high school so I wont name them all, but Mr. Palcer and Mr. Hanson were my all-time favorites. Mr. Luloff was my band conductor (I played the drums). Ms. Dubois and Mr. Sobon were rotten!


Rolling Meadows High

I graduated high school in 2006 with a GPA of 3.14. What I remember most about high school was my participation in cross country, track, and school plays. Coach Voyles is still very much a part of my life; he is a role-model and was like a father to me.


William Rainey Harper College

This school was not nearly as fancy as Iowa State University, but it served its function. In the summer of 2010 I took my last class there before transferring (BEST DECISION EVER).


The Prestigious Iowa State University

I am currently enrolled here and have to say it has been amazing. The campus is beautiful, energetic and positive. I feel younger than I have in years, but also feel more prepared for life after college. My favorite class has to be Computer Science 103, but Im a chemistry major and love every minute of it!

The University of Life

No one ever stops learning. I sincerely hope to maintain the various learning skills and academia that I have not yet finished developing at ISU. The future is bright with wonderment and knowledge.