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Debugging Techniques

Here we present some useful methods for debugging your Qt-based software.

Command Line Options

When you run a Qt program you can specify several command line options that can help with debugging.

(Note that these options are only available in the development version of the Qt library, not in the production version. Currently, Troll Tech only supports a development version of the Qt library.)

Warning and Debugging Messages

Qt includes three global functions for writing out warning and debug text.

The Qt implementation of these functions prints the text to the stderr output under Unix/X11 and to the debugger under Windows. You can take over these functions by installing a message handler; qInstallMsgHandler().

Debugging Macros

The header file qglobal.h contains many debugging macros and #defines.

Two important macros are:

These macros are useful for detecting program errors, e.g. like this:

  char *alloc( int size )
      ASSERT( size > 0 );
      char *p = new char[size];
      CHECK_PTR( p );
      return p;

Note that the CHECK_PTR macro is a null expression if CHECK_NULL (see below) is not defined. Any code in it will simply not be executed. Here is an example of how you should NOT do it:

  char *alloc( int size )
      char *p;
      CHECK_PTR( p = new char[size] );  // never do this!
      return p;

Very tricky: p is set to a sane value only if you're debugging. When you're ready to ship, that code is not executed (correctly, since it's only a debugging aid) and alloc returns a wild pointer.

The Qt development library contains hundreds of warning messages that are printed when some error is detected.

The warning messages inside Qt are conditional, based on the state of various debugging flags:


  void f( char *p, int i )
  #if defined(CHECK_NULL)
      if ( p == 0 )
          warning( "f: Null pointer not allowed" );

  #if defined(CHECK_RANGE)
      if ( i < 0 )
          warning( "f: The index cannot be negative" );

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