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Annotated Class Index

Here are the classes in Qt, with brief descriptions:

QAccelHandles keyboard accelerator keys
QApplicationManages the application event queue
QArrayTemplate class that provides arrays of simple types
QAsyncIOEncapsulates I/O asynchronicity
QBitArrayArray of bits
QBitmapMonochrome (1 bit depth) pixmaps
QBitValInternal class, used with QBitArray
QBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally or vertically
QBrushDefines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by a QPainter
QBufferI/O device that operates on a QByteArray
QButtonThe abstract base class of button widgets, providing functionality common to buttons
QButtonGroupOrganizes QButton widgets in a group
QByteArrayArray of bytes
QCacheTemplate class that provides a cache based on char* keys
QCacheIteratorIterator for QCache collections
QCheckBoxCheck box with a text label
QCheckListItemImplements checkable list view items
QChildEventEvent parameters for child widget events
QClipboardAccess to the window system clipboard
QCloseEventParameters that describe a close event
QCollectionThe base class of all Qt collections
QColorColors based on RGB
QColorGroupGroup of widget colors
QComboBoxCombined button and popup list
QConnectionInternal class, used in the signal/slot mechanism
QCursorMouse cursor with an arbitrary shape
QCustomEventSupport for custom events
QDataPumpMoves data from a QDataSource to a QDataSink during event processing
QDataSinkA QDataSink is an asynchronous consumer of data
QDataSourceA QDataSource is an asynchronous producer of data
QDataStreamBasic functions for serialization of binary data to a QIODevice
QDateDate functions
QDateTimeCombines QDate and QTime into a single class
QDialogThe base class of dialog windows
QDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys
QDictIteratorIterator for QDict collections
QDirTraverses directory structures and contents in a platform-independent way
QDoubleValidatorRange checking of floating-point numbers
QDragMoveEventEvent sent as a drag-and-drop is in progress
QDragObjectThe QDragObject encapsulates MIME-based drag-and-drop interaction
QDropEventEvent sent when a drag-and-drop is completed
QEventBase class of all event classes. Event objects contain event parameters
QFileI/O device that operates on files
QFileDialogThe QFileDialog provides a dialog widget for inputting file names
QFileIconProviderIcons for QFileDialog to use
QFileInfoSystem-independent file information
QFocusDataMaintains the list of widgets which can take focus
QFocusEventEvent parameters for widget focus events
QFontFont used for drawing text
QFontInfoGeneral information about fonts
QFontMetricsFont metrics information about fonts
QFrameThe base class of widgets that have an (optional) frame
QGArrayInternal class for implementing the QArray class
QGCacheInternal class for implementing QCache and QIntCache
QGCacheIteratorAn internal class for implementing QCacheIterator and QIntCacheIterator
QGDictInternal class for implementing QDict and QIntDict
QGDictIteratorAn internal class for implementing QDictIterator and QIntDictIterator
QGIFFormatIncremental image decoder for GIF image format
QGIFFormatTypeIncremental image decoder for GIF image format
QGLContextEncapsulates an OpenGL rendering context [Qt OpenGL Extension]
QGLFormatThe display format of an OpenGL rendering context [Qt OpenGL Extension]
QGListInternal class for implementing Qt collection classes
QGListIteratorThe QGListIterator is an internal class for implementing QListIterator
QGLWidgetWidget for rendering OpenGL graphics [Qt OpenGL Extension]
QGManagerOne-dimensional geometry management
QGridLayoutLays out child widgets in a grid
QGroupBoxGroup box frame with a title
QHBoxLayoutLines up child widgets horizontally
QHeaderTable header
QIconSetSet of icons (normal, disabled, various sizes) for e.g. buttons
QImageHardware-independent pixmap representation with direct access to the pixel data
QImageConsumerAn abstraction used by QImageDecoder
QImageDecoderIncremental image decoder for all supported image formats
QImageDragThe QImageDrag provides a drag-and-drop object for tranferring images
QImageFormatIncremental image decoder for a specific image format
QImageFormatTypeFactory that makes QImageFormat objects
QImageIOParameters for loading and saving images
QIntCacheTemplate class that provides a cache based on long keys
QIntCacheIteratorIterator for QIntCache collections
QIntDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on long keys
QIntDictIteratorIterator for QIntDict collections
QIntValidatorRange checking of integers
QIODeviceThe base class of I/O devices
QIODeviceSourceA QIODeviceSource is a QDataSource that draws data from a QIODevice
QKeyEventParameters that describe a key event
QLabelDisplays a static text or pixmap
QLayoutThe base class of geometry specifiers
QLCDNumberDisplays a number with LCD-like digits
QLineEditSimple line editor for inputting text
QListTemplate class that provides doubly linked lists
QListBoxSingle-column list of items that can be scrolled
QListBoxItemThis is the base class of all list box items
QListBoxPixmapList box items with a pixmap
QListBoxTextList box items with text
QListIteratorIterator for QList collections
QListViewImplements a list/tree view
QListViewItemImplements a list view item
QLNodeInternal class for the QList template collection
QMainWindowTypical application window, with a menu bar, some tool bars and a status bar
QMenuBarHorizontal menu bar
QMenuDataBase class for QMenuBar and QPopupMenu
QMessageBoxDisplays a brief message, an icon, and some buttons
QMouseEventParameters that describe a mouse event
QMoveEventEvent parameters for move events
QMovieIncrementally loads an animation or image, signalling as it progresses
QMultiLineEditSimple editor for inputting text
QNPInstanceA QObject that is a Web-browser plugin [Qt NSPlugin Extension]
QNPluginThe plugin central factory [Qt NSPlugin Extension]
QNPStreamA stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser [Qt NSPlugin Extension]
QNPWidgetA QWidget that is a Web-browser plugin window [Qt NSPlugin Extension]
QObjectThe base class of all Qt objects that can deal with signals, slots and events
QPaintDeviceOf objects that can be painted
QPaintDeviceMetricsInformation about a paint device
QPainterPaints on paint devices
QPaintEventEvent parameters for paint events
QPaletteColor groups for each widget state
QPenDefines how a QPainter should draw lines and outlines of shapes
QPicturePaint device that records and replays QPainter commands
QPixmapOff-screen pixel-based paint device
QPixmapCacheApplication-global cache for pixmaps
QPointDefines a point in the plane
QPointArrayArray of points
QPointValInternal class, used with QPointArray
QPopupMenuPopup menu widget
QPrintDialogX-only dialog for specifying print-out details
QPrinterPaint device that prints graphics on a printer
QProgressBarHorizontal progress bar
QProgressDialogProvides feedback on the progress of a slow operation
QPtrDictTemplate class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys
QPtrDictIteratorIterator for QPtrDict collections
QPushButtonPush button with a text or pixmap label
QQueueTemplate class that provides a queue
QRadioButtonRadio button with a text label
QRangeControlInteger value within a range
QRectDefines a rectangle in the plane
QRegExpPattern matching using regular expressions and wildcards
QRegionClip region for a painter
QResizeEventEvent parameters for resize events
QScrollBarVertical or horizontal scroll bar
QScrollViewScrolling area with on-demand scrollbars
QSemiModalThe base class of semi-modal dialog windows
QSharedThe QShared struct is internally used for implementing shared classes
QSignalCan be used to send signals without parameters
QSignalMapperA QSignalMapper object bundles signals from identifiable senders
QSizeDefines the size of a two-dimensional object
QSliderVertical or horizontal slider
QSocketNotifierSupport for socket callbacks
QSpinBoxSpin box widget, sometimes called up-down widget, little arrows widget or spin button
QSplitterQSplitter implements a splitter widget
QStackTemplate class that provides a stack
QStatusBarHorizontal bar suitable for presenting status messages
QStoredDragSimple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data
QStrIListDoubly linked list of char* with case insensitive compare
QStringAbstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char*)
QStrListDoubly linked list of char*.
QTabBarTab bar, for use in e.g. tabbed dialogs
QTabDialogStack of tabbed widgets
QTableViewThis is the abstract base class of all the table views
QTextDragThe QTextDrag provides a drag-and-drop object for transferring plain text
QTextStreamBasic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice
QTimeTime functions
QTimerTimer signals and single-shot timers
QTimerEventParameters that describe a timer event
QToolBarSimple tool bar
QToolButtonPush button whose appearance has been tailored for use in a QToolBar
QToolTipTool tips (sometimes called balloon help) for any widget or rectangular part of a widget
QToolTipGroupCollects tool tips into natural groups
QUrlDragProvides for drag-and-drop of a list of file references
QValidatorValidation of input text
QVBoxLayoutLines up child widgets vertically
QWhatsThisSimple description of any widget, e.g. answering the question "what's this?"
QWidgetThe base class of all user interface objects
QWidgetStackStack of widgets, where the user can see only the top widget
QWindowReserved for future extensions
QWMatrix2D transformations of a coordinate system
QXtApplicationAllows mixing of Xt/Motif and Qt widgets [Qt Xt/Motif Extension]
QXtWidgetAllows mixing of Xt/Motif and Qt widgets [Qt Xt/Motif Extension]

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