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Currently, I am pursuing my Masters degree in Computer Science at Iowa State University.

My technical skills

  • Web: PHP, JavaScript, HTML/CSS
  • Programming Languages: Java, C, C++, COBOL, JCL and REXX
  • Query Languages: PL/SQL, SQL
  • Databases: IBM DB2, Oracle DB, MySQL
  • Operating Systems: Windows, z/OS, Linux, Macintosh
  • Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall
  • Tools: Visual Basic Professional 2012, Eclipse
  • Content Management Systems: Drupal 7, WordPress


  • FPL usage portal
  • Iowa State University

Work Experience

I worked for three and half years with Infosys Limited.

My Contribution

  • Role: Senior Systems Engineer
  • Java Web Developer and Mainframe Support
From: June 2010
Till: December 2013
AMI - Customer Usage Information Portal
  • AMI - Customer Usage Information Portal
  • Iowa State University


Masters in Computer Science at Iowa State University


Bachelors in Electronics and Communications at Gandhi University

CGPA = 8.82 on the scale of 10
Graduated in 2010
Work Experience Work Experience
Education Education


first self project

Compiler for Coding Standards Compliance

My Contribution:

  • Coded the compiler in REXX language
  • Improved the productivity of the team in coding
AMI Customer Usage Portal

AMI Customer Usage Portal

My Contribution:

  • Part of the team that build the portal
  • Worked on both front end and back end
552 Course project

Public Opinion on Political Parties

My Contribution:

  • Configuring Apache Hadoop
  • Configuring Apache Flume
  • Coding in Apache Hive
  • Excel Power View


Gathering opinion from Twitter and classifying each tweet into positive, negative and neutral

Year: 2014


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