ISU Faculty Handbook

The University  
Statement of Mission
Role and Scope
Administrative Structure
The General Faculty
The Faculty Senate
University Councils and Committees
The Graduate College
College and Departmental Organization
Personnel Policies and Procedures
Appointment Procedures
Evaluation of Faculty Members
Policy on Tenure and Notification of Nonrenewal
Recommendations for Promotion and Tenure
Distinguished Professorship
University Professorship
Evaluation of a Faculty Member
Evaluation of a Teaching Assistant
Evaluation of a College Dean
Evaluation of Central Administrators
Leave Policies
  Vacations and Holidays
  Sick Leave
  Leave of Absence
  Maternity Leave
  Adoption Leave
  Family and Medical Leave
  Military Leave
Emeritus Designation
Faculty Dismissal Procedures
Termination Because of Financial Emergency
Termination of Graduate Assistants
Faculty Grievance Procedures
Salaries and Benefits
Salary Policies and Procedures
Payroll Procedures
  New Employee Registration
Professional Policies and Procedures
Academic Freedom
Statement on Professional Ethics
Consenting Relationships
Academic Misconduct
Conflict of Interest
Royalties for Instructional Materials
Intellectual Property: Policies and Procedures
University-Sponsored Educational Materials
ISU Code of Computer Ethics
Improvement Programs
  Study Opportunities
  Visiting Classes
  Faculty Improvement Leave Program
  International Faculty Exchange Program
  Foreign Travel Grant Program
  Instructional Development Grants
  Overseas Study Group Leader Grants
  Internship and Fellowship Programs
  Big XII Faculty Fellowship Program
  Mentoring Program for New Faculty
  Miller Faculty Fellowships
  Study in a Second Discipline
Honorary Degrees
Academic Policies
Admission Requirements
Evaluation of Student Performance
Academic Advising
Student Registration
Course Information
Ownership of Course-related Presentations
Attendance Policies
Student Records
Procedures for Responding to Requests for Accommodations by Students with a Disability
Required Readings
Revising Courses and Curricula
Academic Dishonesty
Appeal of Academic Grievances
University Honors Program
Computer Fee
Special Fees Charged for Courses
Policy and Procedures for Evaluating Oral Communication Competence
Student Outcomes Assessment
Research Policies
Gifts, Grants, and Contracts
Research Grants and Fellowships
Special Research Facilities and Services
General University Policies and Procedures
Open Meetings
Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action Policy
Sources of Support
Inclusive Language Policy
Sexual Harassment
Direct Institutional Action
Conflict of Interest
Drug Free Workplace
University Safety Policy
Policy on Smoking
Rules of Personal Conduct
Policy and Information References
Travel Regulations
University Library
Center for Teaching Excellence
Computation Center
Instructional Technology Center
Printing Services
Purchasing Department
Conflict of Interest/Purchases From Employees
Test and Evaluation Services
Traffic and Parking
Transportation Services
Flight Service
Travel to Des Moines Airport
Student Help
Faculty Identification Cards
University Museums
Appendix A: Basic Document and Rules and ByLaws of the Faculty Senate of Iowa State University
General Faculty
Appendix B: Open Meetings Law
Appendix C: Policy on University Sponsored Educational Materials
Appendix D: Review of Central Administrators
Appendix E: Policy for Awarding of Honorary Degrees
Appendix F: Policy and Procedures for Evaluating the Proficiency of Teaching Assistants
Appendix G: Policy for Faculty Involvement in Evaluation of College Deans
Appendix H: Policies and Procedures for Student Outcomes Assessment
Appendix I: University Professor
Appendix J:Trademark Management Policy
Appendix K: Faculty Senate Membership
Appendix L: Faculty Senate Councils/Committees

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