ISU Policies and Procedures
Section 9: University Facilities and Property

9.1 Introduction
9.2 Facilities Planning and Management
9.3 Key Service
9.4 After Hours Indoor Activity Centers
9.5 Scheduling of Instructional Rooms
9.6 Scheduling of Special Meetings
9.7 Allocation or Reallocation of New or Vacated Space
9.8 Conversion of Physical Space
9.9 Planning of New Facilities
9.10   Building Repairs, Service, Improvements and Equipment Installations
9.11 Repair and Renovation of Instructional Areas
9.12 Inventory of Physical Facilities
9.13 Displays of Non-Instructional Materials
9.14 Displays Within Buildings
9.15 Exterior Displays
9.16 Use of University Facilities by University Organizations
9.17 Use of University Facilities by Non-University Organizations
9.18 Private Receptions and Weddings
9.19 Utility Service

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