ISU Policies and Procedures
Section 8: Research and Contracts and Grants Policies and Procedures

8.1 Overview of Research Programs
8.2 Guidelines for Approval of Research
8.3 Special Research Facilities and Services
8.4 Overview of Grants and Contracts
8.5 Overview of Proposal Services
8.6 Research Grants and Fellowships
8.7 Contracts and Grants — Negotiation and Acceptance
8.8 Contracts and Grants — Supplemental Budget
8.9 Contracts and Grants — Advanced Account Number
8.10   Contracts and Grants — Rebudgeting of Funds Under Expanded Authorities
8.11 Contracts and Grants — Facilities and Administrative Cost Incentive Awards
8.12 Contract Statement
8.13 Contracts and Grants — Correction Vouchers
8.14 Contracts and Grants - Equipment
8.15 Patents
8.16 Restrictions on Reporting Research Results
8.17 Review of Research Projects Using Human Subjects
8.18 Review of Research Projects Using Animal Subjects
8.19 Review of Research Projects Using Recombinant DNA, Transgenic Animals, Agents Infectious to Humans or Animals, or Biological Toxins
8.20 Review of Research Involving Radiation-Producing Devices and Radioactive Materials

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