ISU Policies and Procedures
Section 6: P&S Policies and Procedures

6.1 Introduction
6.2 P&S Appointments
6.3 P&S Classification and Appointment Types
6.4 Performance Appraisal
6.5 Reclassification Procedures
6.6 Dismissal Due to Reorganization or Financial Conditions
6.7 Dismissal Due to Unsatisfactory Performance
6.8 Summary Dismissal
6.9 Employee Problem Resolution (Grievance Procedures)
6.10   Statement on Ethics
6.11 Professional Development
6.12 Recognition of Outstanding Performance
6.13 Salary Administration
6.14 Constitution of the Professional and Scientific Council
6.15 Rules and Bylaws of the Professional and Scientific Council
6.16 P&S Council Representatives
6.17 P&S Peer Advisory Committee

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