ISU Policies and Procedures
Section 5: Faculty Policies and Procedures

5.1 Appointment Procedures
5.2 Evaluation of Faculty Members
5.3 Nonrenewal or Termination of Appointment
5.4 Policy on Tenure and Notification of Nonrenewal
5.5 Recommendations for Promotion and Tenure
5.6 Distinguished Professorship
5.7 University Professorship
5.8 Emeritus Designation
5.9 Faculty Dismissal Procedures
5.10   Termination Because of Financial Emergency
5.11 Faculty Grievance Procedures
5.12 Salary Policies and Procedures
5.13 Academic Freedom
5.14 Statement on Professional Ethics
5.15 Academic Misconduct
5.16 Faculty Development Programs
5.17 Honorary Degrees
5.18 Graduate Assistant, Predoctoral, and Postdoctoral Appointments
5.19 Basic Document of ISU Faculty Senate
5.20 Rules and Bylaws of the ISU Faculty Senate
5.21 Evaluation of College Deans
5.22 Evaluation of Central Administrators

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