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This is the main course-page for Pol S 453: International Organizations taught by C. L. Ball.

Final Exam Essay

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Giving Nepotism a Bad Name: the World Bark promotion scandal.



US human rights report calls Darfur genocide "most sobering reality", BBC reports

Read Traub, chap. 20 for 6 & 8 March.

Gamma #1 papers are available at 503 Ross Hall.

Gamma #2 Topics

27 Feb. & 1 Mar: Problematic Peacekeeping II

US Debt to UN

Global Policy Forum has a helpful page on US arrears and the UN budget process. The USUNA also discusses this topic. The US State Dept. has an annual report on US participation in the UN.

Oil-for-Food Inquiry

The Volcker committee has a legacy website. Note the estimates of OfF manipulation  v. oil and other smuggling.

Gamma Essay #1 Topics

Traub Reading

For next week, read chaps.15-17 & 19 on the oil-for-food scandal and chaps. 8 & 10 on US-UN relations. The syllabus is updated accordingly.

UN Glossary

If you come across a term you do no understand, you might find it in this reference for UN diplomats.

OECD to Examine British Fraud Un-Probing

A List of Key International Organizations

·         UN and UN System

Regional Organizations

·         EU

·         ASEAN

·         AU (Flash-only site)

·         OAS


Ten Things I Hate About Tertiary Education