Gamma Essay #1 Topics


Write an essay based on one of these topics. The essay is due at the start of class on 15 Feb.

  1. How well do Barnett & Finnemore’s pathologies of global bureaucracies explain the “Oil-for-Food” scandal as Traub explains it?

  2. Does Karns & Mingst’s discussion show that a realist, liberal, or constructivist approach best explains state-IGO relations and outcomes?


The essay should be 1400-1600 words in length. Essays must be typed or machine-printed and stapled (no paper clips or folders). Do not use colored paper. Keep a copy of your submitted essay. Use fonts no smaller than 12 points. Use a serifed font, like Times New Roman and not sans serif fonts, like Verdana or Arial. (While sans serif fonts, like this one, are easier to read on monitors, they are harder to read, for me at least, on printed paper.) Have a separate title page with 1) your name, 2) your student ID number, and 3) the group and essay number printed on it. Do not put your name or ID number on the pages of text (I grade “blind”). Number the pages of text. Put the number of the topic you are answering or the first phrase of the topic at the top of the first page of the essay text so that I know what topic you are answering.

There are two margin and line-spacing options:

a) Text may be double-spaced and have 1-inch margins, or

b) Text may be single-spaced but with a 2-inch left-hand margin and 1-inch right-hand margin.