Chap. 2: Roots of Resentment


What the four reasons Walt gives for why foreigner fear US power? Which is most persuasive to you?


What are some of the sources of resistance to American values? How does the combination of American values and American power threaten other states, according to Walt?


Why is Walt skeptical of the claim that the main roots of resentment today are America’s inherent power and basic values? Are you persuaded by his argument?



What are his four conditions that affect whether past US behavior will generate current resentments? Are they reasonable ones? Are they too obvious to be of much value?


Are the grievances that Walt lists legitimate ones? Do you agree or disagree that the US has generated these resentments?


Based on Cohen and D&L, is Walt correct that post-2000 US unilateralism is to blame? Does Walt’s view of the timing support or undermine D&L’s argument about the Bush “revolution” in US foreign policy?