D&L argue that the 2001 terrorist attacks “reaffirmed” but did not “transform” Bush’s worldview? Do you agree?


Was or is al-Qaeda a “stateless” organization, or was the Bush team correct to see it as dependent upon Afghanistan, a state, for refuge? Did their view of  the source of danger to the US change after 2001?


Did the US scorn offers of international assistance after 2001? What would have changed had the US accepted such offers?


How does Congress treat Bush’s foreign policy initiatives after Sep. 2001? What items do they approve that Bush wanted?


What are Bush’s responses to the terrorist attacks at home?


Bush declares “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.” What does this mean for US relations with other countries?


How, according to D&L, does the “war against terror” become politicized in the US? Do you agree?


“Onto the Offensive”


Which agency has a plan for how to respond militarily to the al-Qaeda attacks? Is this surprising? What is the nature of the military plan against Afghanistan?


Who suggests attacking Iraq and why?


When does military action against Afghanistan begin? Why does it take so long? What does this say about Bush administration strategy or primacy as a grand strategy?