Are you persuaded by Daalder & Lindsay that George W. Bush had a clear vision of US grand strategy  prior to Sep. 11?


What are the key differences between Clinton's vision and Bush's?


Which of the five competing visions does the Bush worldview best fit into?


Does the “hegemonist” vision that D&L outline appear reasonable to you?


Is it clear why Bush only gives Rice and Zoellick principal roles but relegates the other Vulcans to deputy positions (Armitage, Wolfowitz, Hadley) or advisory (Perle) or minor (Blackwill, Zakheim) roles? Why are Rumsfeld and Powell chosen when they are not neo-cons like Perle, Wolfowitz, or Zakheim?


Are Bush's decisions in the first eight months consistent with D&L's picture of what his foreign policy should be? What grand strategy do they appear to be most consistent with?


How does the Bush grand strategy differ from Clinton's, according to D&L? Do you agree?