12 July Discussion Questions


 “Chap. 2: The End of the Cold War International System”


Why are Bush and his advisors so focused on Europe compared to Korea, Iraq, and Haiti, and Panama?


What are US war aims in Iraq in 1990-91? Why does the US not depose Saddam Hussein?


Why does Bush choose to intervene in Somalia but not in Yugoslavia?   


“Chap. 3: In Search of a Compass”


What framework for US grand strategy does the DPG propose?


What are the main dividing lines among conservatives, neo-conservatives, centrists/liberals, and the Left?


What are the various threats and interests that commentators like Pfaff, Nye, Mearsheimer, et al, see for the US in the immediate post-war era? Will the era be unipolar or multipolar compared to the bipolar Cold War? Is there a consensus or a majority agreement on the main threats or interests that the US should focus on after 1989?