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United States Foreign Policy - Pol S 358

This in the main course-page for Pol S 358: United States Foreign Policy taught by C. L. Ball.

Final Exam Study Guide

Staff Statements Link

Here are the 9-11 Commission Staff Statements you should read (the syllabus link is down):

Answers to 9 Nov. Test

Private Contractors and US Foreign Policy

The NYT has this story on DynCorp employees guarding Afghan President Kharzi under a contract arranged by the US government. The broader issue of private contractors is raised by Peter W. Singer at the Brookings Institution. I will discuss this on Tuesday.

Answers to Test #1

The correct answers to the 5 Oct. test are in bold-face on this pdf copy of the test.

Sudan Genocide

Sec. Powell declared violence in the Darfur region of Sudan to constitute genocide under international treaty law in his statement to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. For a good explanation of what "genocide" means and why this determination is important, see this BBC analysis.

Intelligence "Reform" Issues

We will discuss this across the semester, but the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Sen. Pat Roberts, has proposed radical changes to the US intelligence agencies. The New York Times has this story about Roberts' views.

Foreign Policy in the Campaign

The non-partisan Council on Foreign Relations has a website on foreign policy in this year's presidential campaign.

Diplomatic History Links

Yale University maintains a collection of documents on US foreign policy and early political history. This site is useful for looking up early treaties. The Library of Congress has a brief exhibit on US-UK relations. In the reference section of Parks library, you can read the Encyclopedia of US Foreign Relations (E183.7 E53)

The Cold War International History Project collects documents especially those from the former Soviet Union and Soviet allies on the origins and course of the Cold War. The National Security Archive, a non-governmental group, collects US documents through Freedom of Information Act requests.

Maps of US Territorial Expansion

I will refer to some of these in lectures on 26 & 31 Aug.

These maps are hosted by the Univesity of Texas at Austin's Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection