Study Guide for 14 Dec. Final Exam


The exam will be from 12-2pm on 14 Dec. (Tuesday), in our regular class-room. The exam will be multiple choice (50-100 questions). You will have two hours to finish it. It will be comprehensive, but half the content will focus on material since the last test. Questions will take the following form:

1) The ideology behind Liberty (Exceptionalism), according to McDougall, called on the newly independent colonies to:

  1. be a light to lighten the world, but not to anything special in foreign affairs
  2. liberate the Latin American colonies from the Spanish yoke and drive France from the Continent.
  3. make the world safe for democracy, human rights, ice cream, and puppies.

Bring a #2 pencil to the class to fill out the answers on the “General Purpose NCS Answer Sheet” (oh, fun!) that I will provide. In addition to your name, you will also need to fill in your student ID # (these are the middle 9 digits on your ISU card; you may use your Social Security # if you wish).

The purpose of the test is to evaluate how well you have understood the readings and lecture. Below is a list of concepts and topics that you should know.  This is not a promise that only these concepts will be on the test.  This is a guide, not a set of advance questions.  You should be familiar with the arguments and key examples that the authors make and use.

If you do not know what one of these terms means, you should look it up in the book’s index or search for it on the course webpage or slides.


Myth of Isolationist Public

Vocal public v. public at large

Intensity of opinion

Congress as mirror of public

Volatile, moody public v. rational public

Ignorance v. clue following

Cognitive misers

CNN effect

Realist Theory of Presidential Leadership

Rally 'Round the Flag Effect

"Pretty Prudent" Public

Presidential Manipulation

Civil-military gap (Feaver & Kohn)

Relative conservatism of office corps

"Republicanization of officer corps"

Insist v. advise civilian leaders

Dereliction of Duty

Public Opinion (Murray & Spniosa)

Apathetic internationalism

Changes in public opinion post 9-11

"Top priority" shifts

Attitudes toward spending

Surveillance of US citizens v. foreigners

Lowenthal intelligence definition

Post-Cold War intelligence challenges

Economic and commercial espionage

Congressional Oversight

Church and Pike Committees

Access to NIEs

National Intelligence Estimates

Kent def.

Under v. over-estimation

Politicization of Intelligence

Soviet Estimate disputes

Ballistic Missile Estimate

Could v. likely standard


Iraqi WMD estimates (Pollack)

How far off was the overestimation?

Clinton-era view of Iraqi WMD

Views of former UNSCOM inspectors

Pollack's view of why Saddam didn't "come clean"

Office of Special Plans/ "cherry-picking"

Criticism of Bush admin.

Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Powell Speech

CURVE BALL/ mobile BW labs

Committee conclusion on Powell speech

"Fixing Intelligence" (Betts)

certainty of intel. failures

effectiveness of increased spending

opinion of 1995 "thug" scrub

chances for infiltration terrorist cells

more analysts v. reserve corps of analysts

censorship v. privacy domestically

cost & benefits of reorganization

"boy who cried wolf" problem/false alarms

"Smarter Intelligence " (Deutch & Smith)

law enforcement v. national security goals

centralization under DCI

HUMINT/ 'silver bullet'

defense of 1995 "thug" scrub

unreasonable expectations of success

Counter-Terrorism Policy


Mahar Arar case

Intelligence Sharing

Covert Action

UBL Station

"Blue Sky" memo

9-11 Commission Staff Statements

Covert Action disputes

Capture/Kill dilemma

Arming Predator dispute

Counterterrorism and Security Group (CSG)

Small Group/ principals

Operation Infinite Reach

Plan "Delenda"/ Infinite Resolve (Aug./Sep. 1998)

Defense/JCS criticism ('jungle gym' camps)

"actionable intelligence"

White House v. Defense on military options

Cruise missiles as default

Desert Camp, 1999/ UAE prince

PDD-39 (June 1995)

Rendition efforts

Lack of bin Laden indictment (1996)

April 1998 Richardson visit to Kabul

US pressure on UAE (1999-2001)

Pakistani v. US priorities/ Kashmir, nuclear testing

Back national unity gov. v. back Northern Alliance

Lack of support for large-scale military operations in Afghanistan pre-9/11