Discussion Topics on Marten Chap. 4-6



Marten seems to argue that CPOs either do too little or attempt too much. Is this a fair criticism? What is Marten’s proposed alternative?

Are current difficulties in Iraq due to lack of US will or doing too much?


Why is “political will” so hard to maintain in CPOs? Why can’t CPO contributors simply “try harder”?


Why is the US military and its supporters opposed to ‘policing’ in CPOs ? Should they be?


Why is multilateralism a problem? How did Australia avoid this in Interfet? Can the sources of multilateralism be rectified, or must their always be a “lead state” like Australia in a CPO?

Is the US performing this role in Iraq?


What does Marten mean by “security” in chap. 6? Are her suggestions for reforming how CPOs are conducted reasonable? How would they work in Iraq or Afghanistan?