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European Politics - Pol S 346

This in the main course-page for Pol S 346: European Politics taught by C. L. Ball.


I will have office hours on Tues. & Wed. next week, from 10.-11.30am and 12.30-4 pm.

Blue #4 and Red & White #3 Essay Topics

BBC Analysis of German Politics

Syllabus Update

Links to PDFs of additional articles for the next two weeks on "Publics and Parties" are at the WebCT site under "Recent Election Articles." One covers the 2005 UK election, the 2002 French election, and public images of European parties.

BBC on Danish labor model of "flexicurity"

Blue #3 Essay Topics

French Labor Protests

A strike by students and unions is called for 28 March. The French PM had promised to stand firm. A backgrounder is here.

Italian Election

Background on the 9 April election is here and here.

Red & White Essay #2 Topics

Blue Essay #2 Topics

Red Essay # 1 Topics

Europe is so confusing: in France you can't wear a head-scarf and in Italy you need a crucifix

See this BBC story on an Italian judges personal challenge to Italy's "crucifix in the courtroom and classroom" law. In France last year, any "overt" religious symbols were banned from schools and government buildings.

White Essay # 1 Topics

Blue Essay #1 Topics

Avian Influenza in Turkey

Here is a BBC story on the bird flu.

Useful Web Sites for European Politics

BBC News covers European politics quite well. If you do not speak a European language other than English, it is a good source for daily news. More sites -- some in English -- are listed here.

The European Union's webpage is here. The broader Council of Europe, which should not be confused with the EU's Council of the European Union, has a site too. The CoE's European Court of Human Rights is a powerful institution. On democratization and military security in Europe, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) is an important forum.

For access to on-line maps of Europe, the University of Texas at Austin has the excellent Perry-Castaeda Library Map Collection.