Politics of Development


What counts as “development”?

-        increasing per capita GNI/GDP

-        increasing equality of increasing GNI/GDP

-        sustainable, increasing equality

o     not sacrificing needs of future generations to meet present needs

o     what counts as needs?

-        “Human development”

o     Access to education, health care, social liberties

§       Increasing literacy, longevity, health

o     Political and civil rights and liberties



Developing Politics


Politics as “rules and arrangements which shape associations of humans” (M. Oakeshott)


-        Democratic/ majoritarian  v. autocratic/oligarchic

-        liberal/constitutional v. despotic/absolutist

-        ethnic/confessional v. civic/tolerant 


Establishment of Sovereign Territorial State as:


“a compulsory political association with continuous organization whose administrative staff successfully upholds a claim to the monopoly of the legitimate use of force in enforcement of its order in a given territorial unit.” (Weber quoted in Anderson, p.4)



Goal of Political Development


-        establishment of liberal, representative, capitalist, democratic state?

-        National self-determination of political rules and arrangements?

o     should the high-income countries assist all forms