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Politics of Developing Areas - Pol S 340


Final Exam

Here is the question set. The exam is on 13 Dec., Wed., from 2:15-4:15 in our normal classroom.

I will have office hours on 11 Dec., Mon. from 9-11:15 and 12:30-4:30. I will also be in the office on 13 Dec. from 10-11:15 and 12:30-2:10.

Coprophagia's Downside:  Ebola deaths among lowland gorillas

Iraq Study Group Report

The ISG report (it is a large PDF file) has a good discussion of current politics in Iraq in the "Assessment" section from p.3-25. 

Military coup in Fiji

Correa wins in Ecuador

Tamil Tigers have "no other option but an independent state for the people of Tamil Eelam".

Further Syllabus Update

13, 15 & 17 Nov. (3rd Test, 17 Nov.)
Globalization and Development II

  • Denis M. Tull, "China's Engagement in Africa," Journal of Modern African Studies 44:3 (Sep. 2006)  WebCT

  • “Never to Late to Scramble,” The Economist 26 Oct. 2006 WebCT

27 & 29 Nov. & 1 Dec.
Globalization and Development III

  • Jennifer Clapp, “WTO Agriculture negotiations: implications for the Global South,” Third World Quarterly 27:4 (May 2006) WebCT

  • Devesh Kapur & Moisés Naím, “The IMF and Democratic Governance,” Journal of Democracy 16.1 (January 2005) WebCT

 4, 6 & 8 Dec.

  • Emil Uddhammar, “Development, conservation and tourism: conflict or symbiosis?” Review of International Political Economy 13:4 (October 2006) WebCT

  • “Down in the Woods” The Economist 23 March 2006 WebCT


Test 3 Question Set

BBC pages on Afghanistan and Iraq

Test 2 Question Set

Test 1 Answer Range

Conflict and Hunger

NYT Article on new Chinese Labor Law

NPR Series on African Development

Repressing Civil Society in China, Singapore & Zimbabwe

The Chinese government has imposed new curbs on foreign media and on judicial reporting after long-standing censorship. Dissidents still face major difficulties in China.

Singapore partially backed down from its ban on 27 activists from attending the IMF-World Bank meetings there earlier this month.

When civil society really goes down the crapper due to government repression, see this Frontline/World video on Zimbabwe's deterioration under its dictator, Robert Mugabe. Freedom House has this damning report.

DRC Links

First Test Question Set

Thai Coup

BBC Q&A on the coup and a Freedom House report.

State Authority in Pakistan

See this BBC story on armed resistance to the Pakistani state in its province of Balochistan. Here are maps of Pakistan's provinces and Pakistan's ethnic distribution.

Freedom House website

Freedom House had the freedom of three Muslim-majority electoral democracies since Diamond's report. For 2005, Mali, Senegal, and Indonesia were free, electoral democracies.

'We're From the Government and We're Here to Burn Your Home'

Development-Related Links


Ten Things I Hate About Tertiary Education