Political Science 306: Political Decisionmaking and Conflict Resolution

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Fall 2003, Iowa State University
Christopher L. Ball, Lecturer
Dept. of Political Science
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Final Exam Essay

Here is the final exam essay as a pdf file and as an html file. Here are the guidelines to writing a good essay. I have extra office hours on Tuesday from 9-10 am and from 3:30-5 pm, and will announce more in class on Wed.

Simulation Links

For the Afghan simulation, you can find a recent US military update here. The US Central Command has a page on "Operating Enduring Freedom" here. A security NGO has more information available here. The US State Dept. has information here. Human Rights Watch has a page on Afghanistan. The now NATO-led International Security Assistance Force, authorized by the UN Security Council, has a page here. The Afghan government has website here. For British news on Afghanistan, try the BBC South Asia page.

For news stories on the MTA strike, go to Lexis-Nexis. This is easiest to do from an on-campus computer, but you should be able to access it off-campus as well.

In the date section, you can either enter "Previous Month" or select a date of your own. In the "FOCUS" field on the results page, you can add a search word to search within the results.

Cuban Missile Crisis Links

You can hear some of the ExCom meeting tapes here and also here. For more general Cuban Missile Crisis topics, go here.

Theory v. Praxis Reading

These are on the WebCT page.

Negotiation Readings

The readings for this week are posted on the WebCT discussion forum. Two of the three are also available via these links, if you are at an on-campus computer: