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Answer the question in the space provided (as best you can; use the back page if necessary). Each question is worth 25 points.


1.    In your view, is the 2003 US-Iraq war a limited war or a general war based on Mingst’s definition of those terms? Why or why not? .

Discuss limited v. general war based on Mingst, p. 208,210)

2.    What level of analysis, in your view, best explains the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s? (Be sure to explain why the other levels are insufficient)

Discuss LOA and Yugoslav war based on Mingst, esp. p.207-08. Discuss all three levels for full credit.

3.    Should we attribute the absence of general war during the Cold War to the success of arms control measures or to the balance of power? Why or why not?

Discuss arms control and BoP based on Mingst, p.220-27.

4.    What do the Melians believe Sparta will do to defend them against Athens, and why do they believe it? Why do the Athenians believe that Sparta will not aid Melos?

In short, Melians think that Sparta has an obligation to them as a Spartan colony, as an ally, that it would lose the confidence of other allies if it did not defend Melos, and that Sparta is nearer to Melos than Athens is, and that it would be hard for Athens to stop Sparta or its allies from reaching them.

The Athenians believe that Sparta will serve its own interest, just as Athens does, and that they will find it inexpedient to aid Melos because it is an island and not essential to the Spartan war effort.