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Answer the question in the space provided (as best you can; use the back page if necessary). Questions 1-3 are worth 8 points each. Questions 4-6 are worth 25 points each.


1.    How did US President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “grand design” for “four policemen” differ from the UN Security Council as it finally emerged?

- UNSC included more than the four great powers that FDR wanted;

2.    What are two ways that the United Nations differs from the League of Nations?

UN can call on its members to use force to enforce its decisions
UN included more great powers than the LoN
UN does not require unanimity in UNSC; LoN council did

3.    What are two legitimate uses of force under the UN charter, according to LGC[1]?

self-defense; international enforcement action (George, p.75)

4.    Which theoretical perspective best explains the instability of the inter-war period and why?

Which theory does not matter. Discussion of LGC, chap. 3

5.    Explain the origins of the Cold War. Was the ‘security dilemma’ the main cause?

Show some understanding of the SD; draw on Mingst or George, p.88-94

6.    Explain why the Cold War was a “long peace.”

See Mingst, p.48-49; nuclear deterrence & bipolar dist. of power  should figure prominently (hegemonic US role; economic liberalism & transnationalism; ‘long cycles’ of history might also be discussed  




[1] LGC is the abbreviation for Lauren, George & Craig’s book hereafter.