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This is the main course-page for Pol S 251: Introduction to International Politics taught by C. L. Ball.

Final Exam Guide & Quiz Answer Ranges

Terrorism v. National Liberation in Ethiopia/Odagen

This BBC report illustrates the competing claims over political violence and how to classify it politically v. academically. Note the role of China in the Ethiopian oil industry.

Iran seized 15 British sailor (and presumably their vessel) on 23 March, claiming that they were in Iranian territorial waters, not Iraqi territorial waters. The UK government has not released the coordinates it claims its sailors were at when seized .

Agreement on North Korea Nuclear Dismantling

NPR Interview with US Under-Secretary Burns

Answer Key to Quiz #1

Maps of European System

Other maps of Europe:

Map Collections

The Mingst text has some basic maps, but these sites offer more detailed maps:

Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection

This site has maps organized by region, historical maps, and thematic ones. It also provides links to other sites.

Google Maps

Just type in the country or city you wan to find. You can zoom into many places in the world by satellite photos up to 1-meter resolution (on land). But watch for pesky clouds.

Ten Things I Hate About Tertiary Education