Globalization and IR Theories


What is Globalization?

Trans-continental and trans-regional economic, political, cultural and ideological exchanges and interdependent relations (M. Steger)

-         Globalization as a process

-         Globality as a condition


Realist Theories and Globalization

-         IR remains the same so long as anarchy prevails

-         Sovereign territorial states enable and constrain globalization

-         Territoriality still matters


Liberal Theories and Globalization 

-         social actors are globally networked

o       national non-governmental organizations (NGOs) draw on trans-national NGO networks to affect and alter state polices

o       national politics is no longer solely national on numerous issues

-         NGOs, firms, and associations cooperate beyond state realms

o       e.g., DVD zoning, ISO

-         international institutions enable and shape globalization

o       e.g. WTO, IMF


Constructivist Theories and Globalization

-         national and transnational identities both reshaping and being reshaped by globalization

-         statist identities under challenge

o       reactionary politics 

-         trans-national and cosmopolitan identities emerging

o       calls for new forms of global governance

-         examine homogenization & hybridization of cultures, politics, and economics