Topics for Delta & Epsilon Essay #2 (Due 6 Dec. in class)

Write an essay on one of these topics:


1) Have gerrymandering, incumbency, and the perks of office protected Congressmen from being removed from office in elections? Does this make Congress less democratic? Is it easier or harder for Congress to legislate in the public interest because of this?


2) Have presidents and the federal bureaucracy accumulated too much power compared to Congress by asserting prerogatives or has Congress itself essentially delegated the power to them? Is this what the Constitution or the Founders intended?


3) Should Supreme Court justices be nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate based their how they reason about the Constitution (strict v. broad construction) or based on the decisions they would reach (activist or restrained)?



The essay should be 800-1000 words in length. Essays must be typed or machine-printed and stapled (no paper clips or folders). Do not use colored paper. Keep a copy of your submitted essay. Use fonts no smaller than 12 points. Use a serifed font, like Times New Roman or Book Antiqua and not sans serif fonts, like Arial. (While sans serif fonts are easier to read on monitors, they are harder to read, for me at least, on printed paper.) There must be a separate title page with 1) your name and 2) your student ID number printed on it. Do not put your name or ID number on the pages of text (I grade “blind”). Text should be double-spaced and have 1-inch margins. Number the pages of text. Put the number of the topic you are answering or the first phrase of the topic at the top of the first page of the essay text so that I know what topic you are answering.


If you have not already reviewed the guidelines for writing a good essay, do so.