Civil Rights I


Quiz Content

-         lecture

-         chapter 4

o       bolded terms on p.145

o       Roe v. Wade

-         Chapter 5 up to 172

-         Bolded terms up to 184

o       Plessy v. Ferguson (separate but equal)

o       Brown v. Board of Education

-         Letter from Birmingham Jail



Civil Rights as Positive Liberties

-         Ability of individualize to achieve self-advancement, personal self-determination, moral realization

o       Achieve dignity and well-being

o       Capabilities approach (Sen & Nussbaum)

-         Right to vote, participate in politics, be a citizen

-         Usual require positive actions by the government

-         Negative liberties require government restraint or refraining from actions


Black American Civil Rights Movement

-         social movement: group or class of people seeking redress of grievances

-         religious basis: Southern Christian Leadership Conference and churches

-         addressed principles beyond black American issues

o        race, color, religion, gender, and national origin

-         culminates in Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 & Voting Rights Act of 1965

o       action by federal government necessary to realize liberties



Letter from Birmingham Jail Themes

-         mutuality or interconnection of communities and states

o       a national movement, not regional

-         civil and economic spheres, not just citizen-government relations

o       discrimination by merchants

-         direct action to force confrontation

-         constitutional and religious claims

o       role of church in public life

-         dignity and self-realization

-         tyranny of majority

-         white moderates