(Gathering of Random Investigations into SciTech Library Enigma’s)


"When you’re chewing on life’s gristle
don’t grumble, give a whistle…"

(From the song “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life” – by Eric Idle, 1979, in Monty Python’s Life of Brian)


Librarians are good at detective work, putting individual pieces of a puzzle together, knowing when pieces don’t fit, doggedly hunting down missing pieces, and deciphering which parts are correct and which are not.  But some puzzles take longer to complete than others.  So, GRISTLE is a place to park projects that are still being chewed on, as well as other miscellaneous things to keep in a handy spot.



Project Pages – constantly under construction

o   Careers in Academic & Science Librarianship

o   Citation Verifying Tips

o   Comptes Rendus – information on tracking down journal citations in this series – short version (41kb) & detailed version (56.5kb) – Microsoft Word files

o   Crisis in Scientific Publishing

o   Current Awareness and Professional Aids for Science Librarians

o   Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment

o   Invisible Diversity: What You Can’t See Can Help You

o   Science & Library & Humor

o   Science Librarian Success Stories

o   Test page for projects

o   Thumb RulesDonald B. Reynolds, Jr., provides some excellent rules for working together harmoniously – #1 on the list is “Each of us has control of our own lives.”


Library-Related Links 

o   Book Donation Programs

o   Confessions of a Science Librarian – blog by John Dupuis, Head of the Steacie Science & Engineering Library, York University, Toronto

o   Title: Lego LibrarianIssues in Science & Technology Librarianship

o   ISU Library Lingo

o   Lego Librarian!  (Also see Mr. Library Dude blog – July 24, 2013 – for an explanation of Oranges and Peaches)

o   Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette – “the number one, most-trusted source for authoritative tongue-in-cheek librarian etiquette tips on the Internet”

o   Librarian’s Lao Tzu:  The Book of the Library and Its Ways

o   LibrarySpot – for quick reference questions

o   LIBREF-L searchable archives (listserv for reference librarians)

o   Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology – privately funded library in the Kansas City metro area.  Extensive collections of technical reports & journals.

o   Professionalism and Librarians – written by James E. Manasco and Reinette F. Jones in 2002.  Published in Kentucky Libraries, v. 66, issue 4, p. 18-19.  Main focus is on acceptance and tolerance of “eccentrics” in librarianship, but along the way they discuss the meaning of professionalism in librarianship in general.

o   Science Watch – formerly Sci-Bytes – contains information on “high impact” research universities and journals ranked by impact in select disciplines.

o   STS Professional Continuing Education on the Web – database training guides and professional education tools.

o   STS-L searchable archives (listserv for SciTech librarians)

o   TRAIL (Technical Report Archive & Image Library)


Extracurricular Activities

o   A is for...Appreciation

o   Beyond This Place...

o   Curious George

o   Daisy Mae Designs

o   Daytona meets Adam

o   Eggplant

o   Genealogy

o   Jigsaw Links

o   League Standing Sheets – ISU Faculty (#3048) and Roundhouse (#14871)

o   Left-Handers’ Day

o   Make-A-Wish FoundationDonating airline miles

o   Quotations:  My Favorite – also Library Quotations and Sources for Quotations in the Sciences

o   Things to do in IowaCreated by Megan O’Donnell in 2014.

o   White Sox Grinder Rules

o   Wildlife Care Clinic – Ames, IA




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