My Name is Pei Zhang(张佩)

I am currently a Ph.D student under Pro. Phillip Jones in Iowa State University. My research interests are Control Systems, FPGA Programming, Embedded System etc..

I like swimming, playing badminton, eating buffet, sleeping in the lab sofa during my free hours. You can find me in one of the places: Durham 310, State gym, Mcdonald 110 Unit 212 or Restaurants apart from my class time and office hour.

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Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT)

Time: 2010.8~2014.6

Major: Automatic Test and Control

Degree: BE

Iowa State University(ISU)

Time: 2014.8~???

Major: Computer Engineer

Degree: Ph.D.


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Teach Assistant

Time: 2010.8~Present

Place: Iowa State University

Courses: CprE 288 Embedded System, CprE 458|558 Realtime System

Research Assistant

Place: Iowa State University Durham 310


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