Example SAS programs

Programs discussed on 1 Sept 2009

  • Tomato.sas Data step with infile for external data, plots, summary statistics, subsetting data, high resolution plots <
  • Tomatocards.sasTomato.sas, but using a cards; statement to include the data with the sas program

    Program discussed on 8 Sept 2009

  • Sparrow.sas Two sample t-test, Welch unequal variance t-test
  • Sparrowread.sas Different ways to read a data set (skipping 1st line, from a web page, from an Excel spreadsheet).

  • tquant.sasCompute quantiles of t distributions, given probability and d.f.
  • tprob.sas Compute probability of observing < T from a t distribution with specified d.f. This computes the inverse of tquant.sas
  • cquant.sas Compute quantiles of Chi-square distributions, given probability and d.f.
  • cprob.sas Compute probability of observing < C from a Chi-square distribution with specified d.f. This computes the inverse of cquant.sas

    Programs discussed on 15 Sept 2009

  • Sparrow2.sas Residual diagnostics for 2 sample t-test, Wilcoxon rank sum test, Levene test, Randomization test.
  • Transformations in a SAS data step

    Programs discussed on 22 Sept 2009

  • judges.sas 1-way ANOVA, estimates and contrasts, multiple comparisons procedures.

    Programs discussed on 29 Sept 2009

  • schiz.sas Paired t tests and ci's, analysis of block designs
  • schiz2.sas Program to plot values in blocks, plus sorting by block means.

    Programs from lab on 13 Oct 2009

  • meat.sas Linear regression using proc glm
  • corr.sas Estimate and test correlations
  • boxcox.sas Data manipulation for Box-Cox regression. Compute summary statistics per group then log transform means and sd's.

    Programs from lab on 20 Oct 2009

  • brain.sas Multiple regression in proc reg and proc glm;

    Programs from lab on 27 Oct 2009

  • brain2.sas Multicollinearity and case diagnostics in proc reg
  • births2.sas Loess smoothing, Breusch-Pagan test, and cutting X into groups.
  • births3.sas Durbin-Watson statistic, fitting a regession with AR(1) error structure.

    Programs from lab on 3 Nov 2009

  • bacillus2.sas Constructing indicator variables; equivalence of different regression models for ANOVA.
  • fquant.sas Compute quantiles from F distributions for specified probability, df numerator and df error.

    Programs from lab on 10 Nov 2009

  • bear.sas Model selection (all subsets, stepwise).

    Programs from lab on 17 Nov 2009

  • ratweight.sas 2 way ANOVA, with contrasts and estimates
  • ratweight2.sas 2 way ANOVA: slicing and by-groups.
  • excel.sas Reading data files from Excel.

    Programs from lab on 2 Dec 2009

  • wool.sas Estimation of variance components
  • wool2.sas Estimation of variance components with 2 random components
  • splitteach.sas Split plot using PROC MIXED