The 2005 lectures were taped for distribution to off campus students. Those tapes are available here. The material is essentially the same, but the format and schedule were different. The 2005 class was three 90 minute periods per week with no separate lab periond and contingency tables were covered in the middle of the semester instead of the end (2009).

Links to each lecture are in the following calendar. They are labelled by their contents. You are welcome to use these if you miss a class, want a second presentation of material, or prefer to see a person sometimes. Please the 2005 files only as a supplement. Don't ignore the 2009 files; they are the official course presentation.

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Week Monday Weds Friday
1 Aug 22
Intro/Types of studies
Aug 24
Design-based inference
Aug 26
Lab: randomization and bootstrap
2 Aug 29
Aug 31
Confidence intervals, Lab: SAS Intro
Sep 2
Sample size, Power, SAS for t-tests
3 Sept 5
Labor Day, no lecture
Sep 7
Assumptions and Diagnostics
Sep 9
Assump. & Diagn. cont.
4 Sept 12
Non-parametric tests, SAS for diagnostics
Sep 14
Case Study, ANOVA
Sep 16
ANOVA: SS and ANOVA table
5 Sept 19
ANOVA: contrasts, SAS
Sep 21
ANOVA: multiple comparisons
Sep 23ANOVA: assumptions / sample size / blocks
6 Sept 26
Sep 28
RCBD: random blocks
Sep 30
RCBD: diagnostics, Lie Detector case study
7 Oct 3
Categorical data, through odds ratios
Oct 5
Oct 7
Contingency tables, Exact test, Paired data
8 Oct 10
Case study and SAS for categorical data; Linear regression
Oct 12
Linear Regression: estimation and inference
Oct 14
Linear Regression: diagnostics and lack of fit test
9 Oct 17
Case study and SAS for Linear regression
Oct 19
Multiple regression, intro
Oct 21
Multiple Regression:Estimation, tests

10 Oct 24
Geometry of Multiple Regression, SAS
Oct 26
Geometry (cont.), Interp. slopes, Tests, Collinearity
Oct 28
Multicollinearity and Assumptions
11 Oct 31
Diagnostics (linearity, equal variance),
SAS for tests, collinearity
Nov 2
Diagnostics (correlated errors, AR(1), normality)
Nov 4
Modeling: Constructing X variables
12 Nov 7
Case Studies in multiple regression (Births, Bodyfat)
Nov 9
Question and Answer for midterm II
Nov 11
Model Selection: Cp, AIC and BIC
13 Nov 14
Model Selection: Algorithms
Model Validation
Nov 16
SAS for AR(1), Homework Q/A
Two-way Factorials: SS
Nov 18
Two-way factorials:
cell means and factor effects models
14 Nov 28
3 way interactions
SAS for factorial ANOVA
Nov 30
2^K factorials
HW 11 discussion
Dec 2
Random effects models
Variance components
15 Dec 5
Random effects: tests, variance of mean
Dec 7
Split plot studies
Factorial design with unequal n
Dec 9
Discussion of Design case studies
Question and Answer for final