Links to lecture and lab videos

The 2009 lectures and labs videos are packaged using Adobe Connect. The streaming video files are available here. The old downloadable files are no longer available.

Links to each lecture or lab are in the following calendar. They are labelled by their contents. On campus students are welcome to use these if you miss a class or want to see something again.

We anticipate posting videos within a few hours of the end of lecture.

Week Monday Tuesday lab Weds Friday
1 Aug 24
Intro/Types of studies
Aug 25
Hands-on randomization test and bootstrap
FYI, I won't use the board again! I now know how to draw/write on the computer screen.
Aug 26
Types of studies
Aug 28
Design-based inference for 2 group comparison
2 Aug 31
Model-based confidence intervals
Sept 1
Q/A on HW 1, SAS intro
Sept 2
T tests, interpretation of p-value
Sept 4
Sample size determination
3 Sept 3
Labor Day, No lecture
Sept 8
Q/A on HW 2 (but no questions were asked), SAS: proc ttest, reading data
Sept 9
Assumptions: independence and equal variance, transformations
Sept 11
Normality, non-parametric tests
4 Sept 14
Choosing a test, 1-way ANOVA
Sept 15
Cider case study, SAS for diagnostics, Levene's test, Wilcoxon test
Sept 16
Fixed, Random effects, Linear contrasts
Sept 18
Orthogonal contrasts, multiple comparisons
5 Sept 21
Philosophy of multiple comparisons, Diagnostics and Consequences
Sept 22
Lie detector electrodes case study, Q/A on HW 4, SAS for contrasts, pairwise comparisons.
Sept 23
Pairing and blocking
Sept 25
Block designs: Inference, Efficiency and Assumptions
6 Sept 24
Blocking: interp. of MSE
Sept 29
Lie detector electrodes case study (part 2), SAS for RCBD, a bit of JMP for RCBD, contrasts, and transformations, a bit of Q/A on HW 5
Sept 30
Q/A on HW 5, Latin Squares, Linear Regression
Oct 2
Linear regression: estimation, inference on parameters and line
7 Oct 5
Prediction intervals, calibration, ANOVA table, measurement error
Oct 6
Q/A for midterm I
Oct 7
Measurement error, Assumptions, ANOVA lack of fit test
Oct 9
Note: The audio went silent about 5 minutes in. The material on p 176 was repeated after the recording was rebooted.
8 Oct 12
Correlation example, Intro to multiple regression
Oct 13
Ships case study, Q/A on HW 6, SAS: linear regression
Oct 14
Matrices, estimation in multiple regression, the hat matrix
Oct 16
Inferences about parameters
9 Oct 19
Model comparison tests, Cb tests, interpretation of coefficients
Oct 20
Netherlands birth case study, Q/A on HW 7, Geometry of regression, SAS for multiple regression, including test and contrasts
Oct 21
Importance of an X variable, Multicollinearity, Regression outliers
Oct 23
Influential points, DFBETA's, DFFIT's, Cook's D, loess concept
10 Oct 26
LOESS details, unequal variances, Breusch-Pagan test
Oct 27
Lack fit for births data, SAS for regression diagnostics, Q/A on HW 8
Oct 28
Correlated errors: effects, diagnosis, correction
Oct 30
Estimation in models with AR(1) errors, non-normality, Model construction
11 Nov 2
Model construction using indicator variables
Nov 3
Case study: model construction, Q/A on HW 9.
Nov 4
ANCOVA, model selection: intro
Nov 6
Trade off between bias and variance, Fit-based model selection, Mallow's Cp.
12 Nov 9
Model Selection using AIC and BIC, after model selection
Nov 10
Q/A for midterm II, SAS for regression model selection
Nov 11
Misusing and using model selection, 2 way factorial terminology
Nov 13
2 way factorial: SS as formulae, SS as contrasts among cell means
13 Nov 16
2 way factorials: SS as model comparison, Interpretation of interactions
Nov 17
Case study: ANCOVA and other approaches for baseline data, Q/A on HW 10, SAS for 2 way factorials
Nov 18
2 way factorials: after the F test, 3 way factorials, factorials in blocks, unreplicated factorials, fractional factorials.
Nov 20
Random effects, broad and narrow sense inference, estimating variance components
14 Nov 30
Subsampling, Split plot studies
Dec 1
Case studies on mixed models, Q/A on HW 11
SAS for random effects and split plot designs.
Dec 2
Split plot studies, repeated experiments
Dec 4
Unequal n
15 Dec 7
Categorical data: inferences on a single proportion, differences in proportions, intro to odds ratios
Dec 8
Smoking/Cancer case study, Q/A on HW 12, SAS for contingency tables.
Dec 9
No lecture because ISU cancelled.
Dec 11
Contingency tables, Chi-square statistics, McNemar's test