Stat 500 - Fall 09 - Homework Guidelines and Suggestions

Statistics is best learnt by doing. The homework problems give you practice in doing and interpreting statistics. Some problems require you do derive results that we use in class. Some problems assess your understanding of concepts from class. Some problems require you to analyze data using SAS. I recommend (and teach) the use of SAS; off campus students are welcome to use other computing packages if SAS is not available. use

In general, homework will be assigned on Friday and due on the next Friday (subsequent Monday for off campus). The relevant lecture material will be covered by Friday. If the lecture schedule slips badly, I will remove problems from the homework. Announcement of this will be made by e-mail no later than Monday before the HW due date. The relevant SAS code will be covered in the lab the previous Tuesday.

You are encouraged to work together on the homework. Some homework problems require insight. Share that insight. Some homework problems will require getting SAS to work. Share what works.

Please write up your answers individually. Do not submit a group answer. Please do not copy each other's answers. Your interpretation is yours and yours alone.

You are encouraged to ask questions during class and office hours (either Philip's or the TA's). Part of the lab period will be reserved for HW questions. I am also happy answer e-mails about homework problems. I will try to provide timely answers, especially on Thursday, but I can't promise that if I have a lot of meetings or a lot of e-mail. I do check e-mail from home in the evening usually until ca 10 pm.

If I get repeated questions about the same issue, I will send an e-mail response to the entire class.