This page contains references that may interest you if you wish to explore an issue further. None of these is required.

Books on spatial data analysis:
Schabenberger and Gotway, 2005. Statistical Methods for Spatial Data Analysis (on reserve in Parks library) has all the details and many derivations of results presented in class. I'll refer to that as S&G in these notes
Diggle, P.J. 2014. Statistical Analysis of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Point Patterns. 3rd ed., CRC Press. The best single volume on spatial point pattern analysis. Sometimes very succinct.
Webster, R. and Oliver, M.A. 2007. Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists, 2nd 3d. Wiley. This is where I go for advice on practical issues in geostatistics. The authors focus on soil properties. Also the best source of information about sampling to estimate the variogram.
Brundson, C. and Comber, L. 2015. An Introduction to R for Spatial Analysis and Mapping. Sage Publications. Quick intro to many topics with R code. Emphasis on using R as a GIS.
LeSage, J. and Pace, R.K. 2009. Introduction to Spatial Econometrics. CRC Press. Overview of autoregressive approaches to spatial regression and ANOVA (SAR models).

Randomization tests and the bootstrap:

Reporting the appropriate number of digits: