Stat 401A - Spring 2015 - Homework Guidelines and Suggestions

Statistics is best learnt by doing. The homework problems give you practice in doing and interpreting statistics.

The text includes three types of problems: Conceptual exercises, Computational exercises, and Data problems. The answers to Conceptual problems are included at the end of the problem set.

Each week I will indicate a subset of Conceptual problems that are especially relevant. I suggest you think about the indicated questions, outline (or write down) a short answer, then compare your answer to the book's. These questions are for you to check your understanding. You do not need to turn in answers to the conceptual problems. . If you have time, it would not hurt to look at the other conceptual problems. The conceptual problems (both assigned and unassigned) tend to make good exam questions. In later chapters, some of the conceptual problems deal with material that I'm skipping over, but these should be apparent.

I encourage you to work together on the homework. Talk about the issues, discuss the interpretation of statistical results, and help each other with computing. However, submit your work individually. Copying does not help you understand the material.

It will be very helpful to look at the homework problems before you come to lab. That way, you can ask questions during the lab period.

Write out (or type up) answers to the Computational or Data problems and turn them in at the begining of lecture on the assigned day. HW will be due on Wednesday morning, in lecture.

If you are out of town when HW is due, you may e-mail your HW to the TA. Please:

Show your work. The grader and I are as interested in how you got to your solution as the actual answer.

Turn in homework on time; no late homework will be accepted . The lowest homework score will be dropped.

Please, also keep track (at least approximately) of the amount of time you spend doing the homework problems. Write it down at the top of your answers.