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Most of my research interests a related to answering important questions related to the environment. More specifically, I am interested in the analysis of massive spatial data sets; analysis of areal data, exploratory methods for identification of spatial structure, general spatio-temporal methodology; the use of hierarchical models to forecast wind speed, direction, wind farm power output; functional data analysis for large spatial and temporal data sets; dynamical systems for sptio-temporal data.

I actively collaborate with researchers from many departments at ISU, inlcuding Agronomy, Seed Science, Meteorology, Natural Resource Ecology and Management Ecology, Plant Pathology, Forestry, Entomology, Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, Economics, Political Sciences, Civil Engineering, as well as from the grocery store chain HyVee, Iowa Soybean Association, MidAmerican Energy, Los Alamos and Pacific Norhtwestern National Labs.

Selected publications:

  1. D. Osthus, K. Hickmann, P. Caragea, D. Higdon, S. Del Valle.
    Forecasting seasonal influenza with a state-space SIR model
    Annals of Applied Statistics, to appear.

  2. D. Osthus, P. C. Caragea, D. Higdon, S. K. Morley, G. D. Reeves, B. P. Weaver.
    Towards Better Empirical Forecasting of Radiation Belt Electrons and Limitations on Physical Interpretation of Predictive Models
    Space Weather 12 (6): 426-446, 2014

  3. Caragea, P.C., Berg, E.J.
    A Centered Bivariate Spatial Regression Model for Binary Data with an Application to Presettlement Vegetation Data in the Midwestern United States
    Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics, 19(4): 453-471, 2014 [Details]

  4. Kaiser, M.S., Caragea, P.C., Furukawa, K.
    Centered Parameterizations and Dependence Limitations in Markov Random Field Models
    Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, 142(7): 1855-1863, 2012 [Details]

  5. Khanal, S., Anex, R., Gelder, B., Dixon, P., Caragea, P.C.
    Cropping Pattern Choice with Proximity to Ethanol Production and Animal Feeding Operations
    Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining Journal, 6(4): 431-443, 2012 [Details]

  6. Kyveryga, P., Blackmer, T.M., Caragea, P.C.
    Categorical Analysis of Spatial Variability in Economic Yield Response of Corn to Nitrogen Fertilization
    Agronomy Journal, 103(3), 2011 [Details]

  7. Hughes, J.P., Haran, M., Caragea, P.C.
    Markov random field models for binary data on a lattice
    Environmetrics, 7: 857-871, 2011 [Details]

  8. Caragea, P.C., Kaiser, M.S.
    Autologistic models with interpretable parameters
    Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Ecological Statistics, 14(3): 281-300, 2009 [Details]

  9. Kaiser, M.S., Caragea, P.C.
    Exploring dependence with data on spatial lattices
    Biometrics, 65(3): 857-865, 2009 [Details]

  10. Nordman, D.J., Caragea, P.C.
    Point and interval estimation of variogram models using spatial empirical likelihood
    Journal of the American Statistical Association, 103: 350-361, 2008 [Details]

  11. Caragea, P.C., Smith, R.L.
    Asymptotic properties of computationally efficient alternative estimators for a class of multivariate normal models
    Journal of Multivariate Analysis, 98(7): 1417-1440, 2007. [Details]

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